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Musst 70+ Brush Cleaner 16oz (473ml)

Musst 70+ Brush Cleaner 16oz (473ml)

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Leave-in | Dries quickly | Cruelty Free | Vegan

Made in Canada

Now is the time to make cleaning your brushes part of your
beauty routine.Musst brush cleaner is the #1 professional no-rinse
cleaner. Its exclusive formulation cleans and revitalizes
natural and synthetic fibers and extends the life of your brushes.
Practicing the highest level of hygiene is a crucial part of the career
of a makeup artist or in the daily routine of
makeup enthusiasts. This is the most important step for perfect
makeup application.

70+ cleanser
-Higher concentration of premium grade isopropyl alcohol
-Contains isododecane which revitalizes brush bristles
-Ideal for people who want to effectively remove color/pigment from bristles when using their brushes on the same client, but need to change colors.

Original Eucalyptus Cleanser:
-Lower concentration of isopropyl alcohol, it is gentle on brush hair
-Ideal for people who want to effectively remove color/pigments from hairs when using their brushes on the same person, but need to change colors
-It contains isododecane which revitalizes brush hairs

PRO cleaner
-No alcohol inside
-Since it is made mainly of isododecane it is ultra effective in removing pigments, glues, all special effects products and make-up products.
-Use to remove color before cleaning with soap and water or if brushes are used on the same person during the day
-Very gentle on brush hairs

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